Krach generates analog white noise and pink noise plus two filtered noise


  • Noise and more noise… Krach is 4 channels of noise

    Krach generates analog white noise. It generates three additional noise colors from it.

    Pink noise is derived from it with a 3dB/Oct low pass filter.

    Hiss is obtained from white noise using a slightly resonant high pass filter.

    Rumble is created from pink noise with the help of a very low pass filter.

    Krach‘s additional noises are great to create percussion, natural textures, noise walls and more sound design greatness.

    in action

    Specs &

    Technical characteristics

    • Analog white noise generator
    • Three filtered outputs
    Available with Intellijel format frontpanel
    Power26mA @ +12V
    26mA @ -12V
    0mA @ +5V
    ModulargridKrach on Modulargrid
    ManualPDF Manual (EN)