Pointeuse is a CV controlled bidirectional analog switch that can be used as a momentary footswitch adapter for Eurorack in 1U format.



  • Trig, Gate, Mute, Switch Everything!

    Pointeuse has two states. It either connects In/Out to Out/ In I or to Out/In II. You can change its state by pressing a footswitch (via the included adapter expander), the backlit button or by sending a voltage signal into the Trig In input making the module highly interactive and controllable.

    Pointeuse behavior can be momentary (as long as the button is pressed for example) or latching (the signal switches each time the button is pressed).

    The switch has a true bidirectionnal behavior (2:1 or 1:2).

    If no jack is connected to In/Out, a 5V signal will be present alternatively at Out/In I and Out/In II.

    Pointeuse is compatible with all sustain pedal or footswitch available, just use Out/In II instead of Out/in I as your main out to reverse the pedal polarity.


    in action

    Specs &


    • Tactile & backlit button
    • Trigger input
    • Momentary / Latching switch

    Technical characteristics

    • Trig In accepts any signals (threshold is 2.5V)
    • No bleedthrough
    • Clickless mute
    • Do not attenuate input signals inc. 1V/oct
    • Compatible with all momentary footswitch pedals & sustain pedals
    4HP expander
    Available with either Intellijel or Pulplogic format frontpanel
    44mm expander
    Power20mA @ +12V
    11mA @ -12V
    0mA @ +5V
    ModulargridPointeuse on Modulargrid
    ManualPDF Manual (EN)