Crime is an expander for Miasma. It lets you chose from 6 different diodes per waveform polarity.

Crime has been discontinued BUT Crime II is coming in 2021!


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  • More diodes, infinite combinations.

    There are 2×6 diodes you can chose from using two rotary switches, one for the positive part of the sound, the other for the negative part. This way you can easily achieve symmetrical and asymmetrical distortions.

    Crime also has a female header for you to put your diodes of choice on position VI. This can also mean no diodes for extra harshness.

    Crime connects to Miasma with an included cable. It replaces the diodes in Miasma‘s female header. This way you won’t have to take Miasma out of your case to change diodes and explore new distortion flavours.

    Note than each diode has a different voltage drop, resulting in different loudness. You can still compensate for volume changes using Miasma’s level trimmer.

    Crime cannot be used without Ritual Electronics Miasma.

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    Specs &


    • Rotary switches to select from 6 diodes
    • Connects to Miasma with a cable (included)

    Technical characteristics

    • I: 1N60 – Germanium
    • II: 1N4148 – Silicon
    • III: BAT42 – Schottky
    • IV: 1N4004 – Schottky
    • V: Blue LED
    • VI: Female header for your own diodes (as on Miasma)

    PowerThe module is passive
    ModulargridCrime on Modulargrid
    ManualPDF Manual (EN)