Réseaux is a dual, passive, bidirectional mixer & attenuator


  • Réseaux is known as an R-2R ladder. It has two identical sections which you can cross patch.

    It is a bidirectional module meaning the inputs can be outputs and vice versa.
    It has two main uses depending on the direc- tion you are using the module.

    – When using Réseaux with one input and multiple outputs you have attenuated copies of the input. Great to send a signal around. Specially if you have modules which do not have attenuators built in.

    – When using one output and multiple inputs you have a mixer with set levels. It can mix both CVs and audio signals.

    in action

    Specs &

    Technical characteristics

    • Passive mixer
    • Passive attenuator
    • Two identical sections
    Available with Intellijel format frontpanel
    Power0mA @ +12V
    0mA @ -12V
    0mA @ +5V
    ModulargridRéseaux on Modulargrid
    ManualPDF Manual (EN)