Flexibilité is an expression pedal adaptor in 1U Eurorack format a.k.a the foot controlled attenuator / attenuverter.


  • Your third hand is your foot.

    Flexibilité is a fairly simple module. Plug an expression pedal into it and use your foot to control your modules. By default it generates a 0-5V signal (unipolar) or a -5/+5V signal (bipolar), attenuated by the foot pedal.

    Flexibilité has an input for external signals, so it can be used as a volume pedal on audio or attenuator/attenuverter on CV signals.

    For when you need that extra hand!


    in action

    Specs &


    • Expression pedal input
    • External signal input
    • Switch for Unipolar (0-5V) / Bipolar (-5/+5V)

    Technical characteristics

    • Buffered input & output
    • Reverse polarity switch on the back of the module for compatibility with most expression pedals
    Available with either Intellijel or Pulplogic format frontpanel
    Power10mA @ +12V
    7mA @ -12V
    0mA @ +5V
    ModulargridFlexibilité on Modulargrid
    ManualPDF Manual (EN)