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Miasma description

Distorsion, Feedback, Thickener & more!

Miasma feedback path feeds the distorted signal back in the input with no phase inversion, causing the module to self oscillate, even with no input. The feedback path can be opened to send it through different effects making Miasma perfect for complex feedback patches.

A blend knob allows Miasma to be used in a precise way, for more complex sound design.

The module’s clipping diodes are mounted on a header making it easy to swap them and craft the sound you want. The module ships with six different diodes, from germanium to LEDs and you can experiment adding your own. The output level may vary depending on which diodes you use, this can be adjusted with the level trimmer on the front panel.

We have developed Crime, a 4HP expander for Miasma which can switch between 12 different diodes without the need of taking the module out of your case.

in action

Specs &


  • Gain control up to +20dB
  • Feedback VCA
  • Blend control between dry and wet signal
  • Attenuverters on Gain and Feedback CV
  • Level trimmer to adjust the output volume

Technical characteristics

  • OTA based VCAs for gain and feedback control
  • Feedback output jack is normalized to the feedback input jack
  • One rectification diode per waveform polarity, making it possible for symmetrical or asymmetrical distortion
  • Diodes can be swapped in and out without the need of tools
Power35mA @ +12V
30mA @ -12V
0mA @ +5V
ModulargridMiasma on Modulargrid
ManualPDF Manual (EN)