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1U The Mullet description

Business card in the front, party in the back

Available for free as a goodie on our booth for Superbooth 2021, our business card turns into a DIYable passive saturation & tilt EQ combo.
You’ll need very usual components value to assemble the module.
It may be a great first DIY module. Very low parts count. Very forgiving.
See the Bill Of Material in the table.
Scroll down for pictures of the assembly.

D1,D2,D3,D4,D51N4148 or any other diode/LED
PotsAlpha Taiwan B10K

The Mullet assembly

Business in the front
DIY in the back. First, install all the resistors, solder them and snap the legs off on the other side
Then install the diodes. You can go with general purpose diodes like the 1N4148. You can also try to mix and match with LEDs, vintage overpriced germanium diodes, schottkies… Careful with the orientation, diodes are polarized components.
Now the two capacitors. You can try different values from what’s in the BOM, it will change the corner frequencies of the Tilt EQ
Input and output jacks for now. The input is on the left, the output on the right. Use Thonkiconn jacks. Available from Thonk in Europe.
The pots are last. The footprints accept Alpha Taiwan metal shaft pots or the classic black plastic tall trimmers. 10K linear works great. If you have a spare center detent pot, it may be useful on the Tilt EQ.
Add knobs if you have em. Black Rogans if you want to go for the Ritual aesthetics.
Congrats, you are done!

Specs &


  • Saturation knob crossfades between two saturation types
  • Tilt EQ gives you a low pass on the left, a high pass on the right

Technical characteristics

  • Careful with the gain drop as the unit is passive!
  • Gives you our contact infos
Intellijel 1U format
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