Crime Manual


Always turn your eurorack case off before plugging or unplugging a module.

Do not touch any electrical terminals when attaching any Eurorack bus board cable.

Ritual Electronics Crime does not require power.

You will need 4HP of free space in your Eurorack case to install Crime.

I. Remove any diodes present in Miasma’s female header on the back of the module (fig. I)

II. Connect the male end of the included cable to the Miasma’s female header, blue stripe must face down (red stripe if you have a pre-October 2019 module)

III. Connect the other end of the cable to Crime’s male header, same colour facing down (fig. II)


Crime lets you choose from 6 different diodes for your Miasma.

There are 2×6 diodes you can chose from using two rotary switches, one for the positive part of the sound, the other for the negative part. This way you can easily achieve symmetrical and asymmetrical distortions.

Crime also has a female header on position VI for you to put your diodes of choice. You can also have this position witout diodes for extra harshness, but beware of the output volume!

Crime connects to Miasma with an included cable. It replaces the diodes in Miasma’s female diode header. This way you won’t have to take Miasma out of your case to change diodes and explore new distortion flavours.

Note each diode has a different voltage drop, resulting in different loudness. You can still compensate for volume changes using Miasma’s level trimmer.

Crime can not be used without Ritual Electronics Miasma.

Crime Illustration


A – Diode I rotary switch
Lets you chose from 6 different diodes to distort the positive part of the waveform.

B – Diode II rotary switch
Lets you chose from 6 different diodes to distort the negative part of the waveform.


Miasma uses two diodes to rectify the signal. These diodes define the colour of the sound.

The diodes create a different shape of distortion. There is one diode per waveform polarity, to achieve asymetrical distortion.

The diodes influence both the distortion sound and the feedback texture and pitch.

Different diodes have different current and voltage consumption, this yield to volume increase or decrease from a configuration to an other.

Crime has 5 different type of diodes.

Position VI is yours. You can put your own diodes in Crime’s female header or leave it empty.

The diodes are arranged in “loudness” order. As you go from position I to V, the diode voltage drop decreases, resulting in the sound being louder and louder.

Diodes Selection


I is 1N60, a germanium diode
II is 1N4148, a very classic silicon diode
III is BAT42, a schottky didoe
IV is 1N4004, a schottky diode
V is a Blue LED


I is 1N60, a germanium diode
II is 1N4148, a very classic silicon diode
III is 1N4004, a schottky diode
IV is 1SS133, a silicon diode used in the Metal Zone
V is a Blue LED


Crime has been conceived as a cheap and cheerful expander for Miasma. It is mainly designed to help you change diodes without unscrewing your module.

Note that when you switch from a diode to another there is a brief moment where no diodes are connected resulting often in a short noise.

Thus the module is more of a “set and forget” type than a performance tool (even though a good rythmic switching can be of great effect)

If you decide to mount diode on Crime’s header (position VI), you can still achieve the “no diode” effect by setting the switch in-between two positions.


Thank you for purchasing Ritual Electronics Crime.
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Limited Warranty

Ritual Electronics warrants this product to be free of defects in materials or construction for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Malfunction resulting from wrong power supply voltages, backwards or reversed eurorack bus board cable connection, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by Ritual Electronics to be the fault of the user are not covered by this warranty, and normal service rates will apply.

During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced, at the option of Ritual Electronics, on a return-to-Ritual Electronics basis with the customer paying the transit cost to Ritual Electronics. The return of your module is on us.

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