Ritual Electronics is a synthesizer and effect modules design company based in Paris and Marseille, France.

Ritual Electronics office

Designing the musical tools we would actually use

Ritual Electronics was founded in 2017 in Paris, France by long-time DIYer and musician Nicolas Armand, after graduating from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). Primarily focused on designing effect and synthesizer modules for the Eurorack format.

We introduced our first product in 2018: Miasma, a voltage controlled distortion with a feedback loop you can push to self oscillation for insane results. and interchangeable rectification diodes.

As the company grows we are now two working on designing a complete Ritual Electronics Eurorack system with a lot of surprises for the coming years. We also now have two offices: one in Paris and one in Marseille.

Check out our products or drop us a line if you need support, think we should collaborate, just wanna talk about music or meet us.

We also make music as Terdjman (Nicolas) and Legion 808 (Gautier).